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Marquis Serna

The Wit and Wisdom of Thomas Sowell 

Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World (Free to Choose Network/Trailer image via YouTube) A walk through some of the legendary economist’s most quotable lines. Few social scientists are able to distill their thoughts into such punchy lines as Thomas Sowell, the great economist whose ideas are celebrated in Jason L. Riley’s inspiring book…

Can Nick Kristof’s Native-Outsider Gambit Play in Oregon?

Nicholas Kristof appears on Real Time with Bill Maher (Screenshot via YouTube) Blue-state blues, pockets of red resentment, and a columnist candidate may make the 2022 Oregon governor’s race especially interesting. Although Oregon governor Kate Brown assumed her position only after a 2015 influence-peddling scandal forced her predecessor to resign, her reelection three years later…